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The Investment Trust Handbook 2020

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Edited by Jonathan Davis, with contributions from John Baron, Max King, Mark Dampier, Sandy Cross, Peter Spiller and many other experts, The Investment Trusts Handbook 2020 is an annual independent educational publication designed to provide investors with expert views and essential information about investment trusts (often referred to as the City’s best-kept secret). The latest edition, the third, contains more than 90% new or updated content and will be published on 10 December 2019.

A high-quality, full-colour hardback, the Handbook is an indispensable companion for anyone looking to invest in the investment trusts arena. It contains more than 25 articles and interviews, as well as a guide to analysing investment trusts and a directory of all the largest trusts listed on the London stock market. There is also a free e-book version, containing the editor’s latest comments on the Woodford fund scandal and other topical issues. The Investment Trust Handbook is supported by: Aberdeen Standard, Artemis, Fidelity International and Jupiter Asset Management.

“This is truly the definitive guide on the market right now.”

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At Money Makers we offer a range of comment, analysis, links and interviews, culled from the many sources that our editor has come to value over more than 35 years of following the financial markets as an author, national newspaper columnist and professionally qualified investor. If you are looking for speculative share tips, Money Makers will not be for you, but if you want top quality insight from some of the best minds in finance, you have come to the right place.

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Money Makers is conceived as a high quality information resource. The content on offer includes podcasts, Q&As with top professional investors, and links to articles by experts whose work we have reason to admire. We will also report on real and model portfolios and track fund and stock data. All this content is updated regularly on the website, with a regular email summarising the latest content.

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