About Harriman House

Founded in 1994, Harriman House is one of the UK’s leading independent publishers of financial and business books, eBooks and other content. We have an extensive catalogue of titles and produce high- quality, highly focused products by working with leading authors, journalists, experts and institutions.

Our print titles are available through all the major online and offline retailers in the UK and internationally and our eBooks are available on all the leading eBook platforms. We also sell our products directly via our own website:


We also offer a range of content services to corporate clients, from creation of bespoke print books to the development of online learning resources, you can see more information on this and examples of previous projects at:



Harriman House have recently developed a new and innovative online reading platform that allows you to access a collection of the best ebooks published by Harriman and other leading financial publishers via a simple monthly subscription. This new product is called Volow – www.volow.co.

The range and type of content available on Volow is set to expand over the coming months as we add new publishers and products. You can also use Volow as an easy way to read any of ebooks you purchase from Harriman House without the need to download any new software or apps.

Additionally, Volow can be used by corporate clients looking to offer high quality content to their clients or used as a platform for the distribution of existing materials.

For more information see: www.volow.co.

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