7th July 2016

Talking Money: The implications of Brexit

An interview with leading economist John Kay

John Kay is one of Britain’s leading economists. In this podcast he discusses the economic factors which he thinks have driven the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, the likely financial outcomes for both the UK and the EU (once the only rational deal has been brokered) – and where that leaves both sides in the short and long term. With politics in flux, businesses in doubt and economies potentially in trouble, can the political landscape in Westminster or Brussels survive? And, of course, what does it all mean for the euro? The second interview in our special Brexit series. Tomorrow: West Coast money manager Ken Fisher offers a transatlantic perspective.

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John Kay

St John's College, Oxford

John Kay is one of Britain’s leading economists. He is a distinguished academic, a successful businessman, an adviser to companies and governments around the world, and a popular author, columnist and public speaker. His work has been mostly concerned with the application of economics to the analysis of changes in industrial structure and the competitive advantage of individual firms. His interests encompass both business strategy and public policy. Today he is probably most widely known for his weekly column in the Financial Times, which ranges over topical issues in economics, finance and business. You can read his most recent writing on his website www.johnkay.com.

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