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The Investment Trusts Handbook, now in it is fourth edition, is an annual educational guide to the investment trust sector. Running each year to some 280 pages of text and data, it is a comprehensive and must have companion for anyone interested in understanding what were once called “the City’s best kept secret” but are now increasingly popular with private investors. Investment trusts are  the connoisseur’s choice for creating both diversified global portfolios and accessing specialised investment areas such as technology, infrastructure, healthcare and renewable energy.

For more information about the handbook, follow these links:

Introduction 1

Acknowledgements 5

Investment Trust Basics 7

Useful Sources of Information 17

Editor’s Notes 19

Jonathan Davis

Year in Review 29

Month by Month in 2020 31

A Breakthrough Year for Investment Trusts 44

Max King

Alternatives Weather the Storm 48

Max King

VCTs are on a Roll 52

Alex Davies

The Triumph of Growth 60

James Carthew

Income from Where? 67

Sandy Cross

Pandemic Performance 72

Jonathan Davis

Professional Perspectives 87

Where and What Next? 89

Simon Elliott

Zooming with the Odd Couple 97

Hamish Buchan and Robin Angus

Secrets of a Tech Investor 103

Walter Price

Discipline is the Key 113

Q and A with John Baron

Leader of the Pack 117

Q&A with Charles Plowden

Meet the Matrix Man 125

Q&A with Harry Nimmo

More Income, Please 131

Simon Crinage

Grow Those Dividends 139

Q&A with Sam Morse

Professional Investor Forum 145

with Peter Spiller, Ewan Lovett-Turner, Alan Brierley, Richard Curling and Nick Greenwood

The Case for Healthcare 155

Paul Major

Will Financials Revive? 163

Nick Brind and George Barrow

Inside the Bank Vortex 169

David Benamou

ESG: Can Nice Guys Finish First? 175

David Johnson

Behind the Numbers 183

Tim Cockerill

Analysing Investment Trusts 189

Jonathan Davis

Data tables and charts 198 

50+ pages of analysis and reference material, including

  • Sector breakdown and characteristics
  • Ownership of trusts
  • Management groups and managers
  • Trends in fundraising and issuance
  • Best and worst performers

Partners 257

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