18th March 2016

Still a raging bull of Japan

An interview with hedge fund manager Hugh Sloane

Hugh Sloane is the co-founder and a partner at Sloane Robinson, which has been managing hedge funds and institutional money since 1993. In this interview we discuss his thoughts on Japan and why he remains so positive about the outlook for Japanese equities.

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When listening you will hear these terms used in our conversation:

Abe-san = Mr Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister
Kuroda-san = Mr Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan
MoF (pronounced “moff”) = the Ministry of Finance
Keidanren = the powerful network of large Japanese companies
SOEs = state owned enterprises
RoE = return on equity, a company’s profit as a percentage of its shareholders’ funds
Cap rate = the discount rate investors are using to value entities such as REITs
REITs = real estate investment trusts
RMB = the remnimbi, the Chinese currency
Kyle Bass = an outspoken US hedge fund manager, very negative on Japan
Capital efficiency = how well companies manage their balance sheets


Huge Sloane

Co-founder and Partner
Sloane Robinson

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