11th August 2017

Talking Money: What investors need to know about VCTs in 2017

Unicorn's Chris Hutchinson discusses the outlook and current issues

In our latest Money Makers podcast we turn our attention to venture capital trusts, specialist investment vehicles which put investors’ capital to work in higher risk, early-stage businesses.

VCTs, as they are known, offer significant potential tax benefits for those prepared to risk their money in this way. This year the marketing of VCTs has started earlier than normal. Why is that – and what else do potential investors need to know about the VCT market this year? Are the tax benefits worth the rewards?

Chris Hutchinson, lead manager of the £150m Unicorn AIM VCT, the largest VCT specialising in AIM-listed companies, is the man on the other side of the microphone for this in-depth discussion.

This podcast was recorded at Share Radio Studios – www.shareradio.co.uk

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