16th May 2020

Why stock markets have paused

Revisiting the inflation/deflation debate

In a week when equity markets took a step back from their recent rally, we discuss the reasons why that might be happening and consider some of the implications for the deflationary challenge that faces both investors and policymakers.  You can listen to the podcast by following this link or on the Moses and Methusaleh website.

moses and methusaleh

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Peter Seilern

Founder, Seilern Investments

Peter Seilern is the founder and majority shareholder in Seilern Investments, which has $1.5 billion funds under management and a strong record of outperformance over many years. The quality growth investment style his firm’s funds have followed for 30 years are explained at length in his book Only The Best Will Do.

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

Founder, Money Makers

Jonathan Davis was a financial journalist on The Times of London, The Independent and other national titles before becoming a professionally qualified professional investor.  He is the author of several books on stock market investment and the editor of the annual Investment Trusts Handbook.

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