18th April 2020

Europe's leaders in the spotlight over the virus

Jonathan Davis and Peter Seilern chew over the news

The coming week sees Europe’s leaders once again meeting in crisis mode to debate whether its wealthy northern members should issue corona bonds to help Spain, Italy and other heavily indebted southern European nations. In the latest Moses and Methusaleh weekly podcast, Jonathan Davis and Peter Seilern, two veteran followers of global financial markets, discuss this perennial EU issue and also look carefully at the assumptions which have prompted a rally in global equity markets.  You can listen to it here.

moses and methusaleh

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Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

Editor, Money Makers

Jonathan Davis started  his career as a financial journalist on The Times, Sunday Telegraph and The Independent before qualifying as a professional investor. He is a Member of The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment and the author of several books on stock market investment, as well as editor of the annual Investment Trusts Handbook and a senior adviser at Saunderson House.

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Peter Seilern

Founder, Seilern Investment Management

Peter Seilern was born in Trieste and founded his investment firm in 1989. Today it has $1.5 billion of funds under management. He outlines his investment approach, which is firmly rooted in a single-minded commitment to high quality companies, in a recently published book Only The Best Will Do. His early career was spent in Geneva and London.

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