19th July 2017

Talking Money: No need to panic over Brexit or the market

Chris Sexton offers his perspective on the outlook for markets

In our latest Money Makers podcast Chris Sexton, Investment Director of Saunderson House, a fee-based wealth management firm, offers founder and editor Jonathan Davis his perspective on the outlook for markets, cautions against reading too much into media headlines and explains why investment returns are likely to be lower from here. Saunderson House specialises in providing financial planning and portfolio management services to private clients, including many lawyers, accountants and other City professionals.

These podcasts are the latest in a series of free regular interviews with prominent figures in the investment world, brought to you by Money Makers. You can sign up here to be notified about the next podcasts in the series, which are free to air – or subscribe on iTunes and other podcast services. Jonathan Davis, the founder of Money Makers, is also the founder of Independent Investor, a sister publishing and newsletter business. An active professional investor, he is a Senior Adviser at Saunderson House, a Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments and the author of several books about professional investors. More details at www.independent-investor.com.

This podcast was recorded at Share Radio Studios – www.shareradio.co.uk

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Chris Sexton

Investment Director of Saunderson House

Chris Sexton joined Saunderson House as Investment Research Manager in 2004, was promoted to Investment Director in 2007 and joined the Saunderson House Board of Directors in 2009. He and his team follow a value-based approach to investing, using actively managed funds to capture the desired asset allocation and risk tolerance of clients. Unlike many wealth management firms, Saunderson House charges the majority of its clients an hourly fee for financial planning and portfolio management, rather than a single ad valorem fee. Website: https://saundersonhouse.co.uk.

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