Top professional investors open up

Q and As conducted by editor Jonathan Davis

Interview: Terry Smith of Fundsmith On Brexit, the Nifty Fifty, bond proxies and smart investing

What Donald Trump’s election means Edinburgh Partners CEO Sandy Nairn gives his considered thoughts

The world is out of intensive care An in-depth Q and A with value investor Sandy Nairn

Still opportunities across the spectrum Q and A with multi-cap fund manager Richard Hallett

7th June 2016

Abenomics is a work in progress An interview with Baillie Gifford's long-serving Japan expert

Where are the growth stocks now? An interview with Mark Slater, founder of Slater Investments

Searching for the jewels on AIM Unicorn's AIM specialist Chris Hutchinson opens up

Investing in challenging times An interview with Sebastian Lyon, CEO of Troy Asset Management

Still a raging bull of Japanese equities An interview with hedge fund manager Hugh Sloane

Brexit – far too much “adversarial claptrap” An interview with the chairman of the independent think tank Open Europe

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