8th December 2016

Talking Money: Taking the measure of Donald Trump

The economist John Kay delivers his initial verdict on a surprise result

The election of Donald Trump as American President took much of the world by surprise. By chance John Kay, the author, columnist and business economist, happened to be in New York when the result was announced. In the latest Money Makers podcast I asked him for his initial reactions to the outcome.

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John Kay


St John's College, Oxford

John Kay is one of Britain’s leading economists. He is a distinguished academic, a successful businessman, an adviser to companies and governments around the world, and a popular author, columnist and public speaker. His work has been mostly concerned with the application of economics to the analysis of changes in industrial structure and the competitive advantage of individual firms. His interests encompass both business strategy and public policy. You can read his most recent writing on his website www.johnkay.com.

A new edition of his book The Long and The Short of It, a guide to personal investing for “normally intelligent people who aren’t in the industry”, has just been published by Profile Books.


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