23rd November 2017

How Warren Buffett made his first $100 million

Professional investor Glen Arnold on the lessons of Buffett’s early deals

In the latest Money Makers podcast I talk to prolific investment author Glen Arnold about his new book The Deals of Warren Buffett, in which he analyses the early successes (and failures) of America’s most successful stock market investor – how and why the young Buffett, still learning his trade, bought the shares that he did and the lessons he took away from the experience. The book is full of fascinating detail about the way that Buffett changed and adapted his philosophy as he became more experienced.

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This podcast was recorded at Share Radio Studios – www.shareradio.co.uk

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Glenn Arnold

Finance author and investor

Despite holding positions of Professor of Investment and Professor of Corporate Finance, Glen Arnold concluded that academic life was not nearly as much fun (nor as intellectually stimulating) as making money in the markets. As a wealthy investor in his fifties, he now spends most of his time running his equity portfolio from an office in the heart of rural Leicestershire, far from the noise of the City of London.

His main research focus explores the question, ‘What works in investment?’, drawing on the ideas of the great investors, academic discoveries and corporate strategic analysis – see www.glen-arnold-investments.co.uk. While he used to teach on this subject in the City, he would now rather concentrate on actual investment analysis, but does explain his investment choices and discusses investment ideas at newsletters.advfn.com/deepvalueshares.

He is the author of the UK’s bestselling investment book and bestselling corporate finance textbook.

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