Reviews of the handbook

“For detailed practical investing advice, Jonathan Davis has just produced his latest edition of the Investment Trusts Handbook… And if one feature of our coming bear market is that we will encounter opportunities to pick up good trusts at wide discounts to their net asset value, you might as well get ahead of the knowledge game now.”

Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor-in-chief, MoneyWeek writing in the FT

“The handbook is headed up by editor Jonathan Davis. He is a prolific stock market commentator and the author of three books… A former columnist for The Independent and the Financial Times, he is also a senior advisor to wealth manager Saunderson House and a non executive director of the Jupiter UK Growth Trust. Davis himself contributes to the introduction to the book, as well as a section in the Investment Trust Basics chapter, before letting several experienced industry professional give their own expert guidance.”

Master Investor

“Investment trusts are steadily gaining profile and traction among private investors, so it’s very good to see the latest edition of Jonathan Davis’s wide-ranging and insightful guide to the world of closed- ended funds. It includes lots of valuable practical stuff, but it’s also a great way to get inside the minds of some of the key professionals running them, including both the old guard and the next generation of management talent.”

Faith Glasgow, Editor, Money Observer

“This book is essential reading if you are serious about long term investing and want to use investment trusts to gain exposure to different parts of the market. It is very easy to read with bite-sized chapters covering a wide range of topics. These include the basics of investment trusts and thoughts on investing by various fund managers and industry experts.”

Daniel Coatsworth, Shares Magazine

“Jonathan’s latest book is The Investment Trusts Handbook 2019, described as a must-have compendium which provides investors of all kinds with a wide range of insights into how to invest in investment trusts – often referred to as the City’s best-kept secret.”

Informed Choice Radio

“The book offers a unique insight into the industry and provides investors with a wealth of interesting views and ideas.”

Annabel Brodie-Smith, Communications Director, Association of Investment Companies

“This is truly the definitive guide on the market right now.”

Master Investor

“This Handbook is weighty but nonetheless an approachable compendium. It includes opinions and insights from experienced investors, veteran analysts and shrewd commentators, ably hosted by Jonathan Davis as village guide and companion. As such, I think the book fills a calm and valuable gap between data and dense analytics on the one hand – and the daily babble of market noise on the other.”

Piers Currie, Special Adviser, Aberdeen Standard Investments


It’s arrived ITHB 2021 edition

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